Addressing the statements given yesterday, Thursday, January 31 by the Public Prosecutor’s Office, through the Sixth Anti-Corruption Prosecutor Office, under the responsibility of Prosecutor Aurelio Vásquez, my person, Ricardo A. Matinelli Linares, emphatically denies any relationship or connection with the case named Blue Apple.

What is indicated by the official is an attempt to link me with irregular facts without any legal support or proof that relates me to said investigation.

The statements of the Public Prosecutor are the product of reckless statements – and without any relation to reality – made by a single person who is being detained, and to which the Public Prosecutor’s Office offered a sentence agreement.

When the time comes -and when there is an impartial Justice in the country and not a judicial circus orchestrated by the Executive- and in front of the competent judicial institutions, I will prove my NO LINKS to the case that up to this moment is under investigation by the Public Ministry.


Ricardo A. Martinelli Linares.