Ricardo Martinelli Linares: Message to the public and the media

Ricardo Martinelli linares


1. We (Ricardo Martinelli Linares – Luis Enrique Martinelli) reject the beginning of the media campaigns that seek based on publications, without foundation, involving us with a supposed bribe of 6 million dollars.

2. We reserve the right to bring to the legal actions against those responsible for these media campaigns.

3. We fully support the investigations that have been announced on the alleged facts and we hope that, on this occasion, the authorities of the Public Prosecutor’s Office will act on the basis of the search for the truth, away from any motivation that is unrelated to this purpose.

4. All actions that we execute in the exercise of our rights, will be made through our lawyers in the respective legal instances, and not in the media. We respect and defend freedom of expression but we cannot allow our honor to be tarnished by special interests.

Ricardo Martinelli Linares                                                                     Luis Enrique Martinelli Linares


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